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• 11/29: Ingredients Reid Papke
• 12/4: Neumann's
Smokin' Section
• 12/5: NW Artist Coop

• 12/6: Creek House Reid Papke
• 12/11: Hollihan's
Walking Wounded
• 12/12: Manitou Station
Smokin' Section
• 12/17: Dunn Bros Grand
Reid Papke
• 12/17: KFAI Live Broadcast
• 12/19: Ingredients
Reid Papke
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(updated November 21, 2014)

"I would rank Lonnie's guitar work alongside the best song guitarists in the modern folk world, including Richard Thompson, Patty Larkin, Richard Shindell, and Brooks Williams."
Scott Alarik, Boston Globe

“Lonnie Knight's guitar playing — both acoustic and electric, both in his accompaniment and his linear excursions — displays a beautiful exacting feel. His singing has that dark, reedy feel, like a tenor sax gliding through the changes. He’s telling his story as he dives and swerves, and it magnetically pulls you along.”
John Ziegler, Duluth News Tribune